• Cassani Ascensori
    Since 1961 our tradition has been to offer elegance and
    reliability, in line with the best elevator technology.
  • Cassani Ascensori
    Since 1961 our tradition has been to offer elegance and
    reliability, in line with the best elevator technology.
  • Cassani Ascensori
    Since 1961 our tradition has been to offer elegance and
    reliability, in line with the best elevator technology.
What We Do

From design to testing, assuring services and maintenance... since 1961

Since 1961 we have been designing, building and testing to perfection elevators, lifts and all sorts of hoists, integrating the initial installation services with ongoing maintenance and support. From public to private, both in urban and industrial locations, our strong experience and the use of state of the art Made in Italy technologies make our abilities limitless and enable us to develop the best ad hoc solutions to satisfy any clients' needs.


List of available products



We design and install lifts of any carrying capacity and type, whether electric,gearless, high speed and...
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Car lifters

The flexibility of our solutions for car lifters, with a carrying capability of up to 5000 kg, makes them...
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Food lifts

The automatic transfer of food and drinks from one floor to the next is a necessity for many public...
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When the flow of the crowd is such that even the most capable elevators cannot guarantee mobility in...
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Lifting Platforms

Lifting platforms are used when it is not possible to install traditional elevators, due to reduced...
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Our stairlifts are suitable for all of the demands required for domestic autonomy, thanks to...
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The Lift Channel

Digital lift information

The continuous research of technological innovations and new products which feature in our line of work has found a concrete form in the launch of the project Lift Channel, the first brand in Italy which aims to upgrade elevators and lifts to a real communication channel. The integration into the cabin of an elegant multimedia display constantly connected to the internet is the perfect original solution we offer to hotels, business centers, shops and apartment buildings to communicate with their customers, handling information in the simplest and most efficient way via our software cloud.
Besides contributing to the aesthetics of new installations with a powerful wow effect, Lift Channel products play a major role in the refurbishing and modernization of the older facilities, another one of our specialties.

A wide range of products along with our
professionalism will make Cassani Ascensori your ideal partner

"In a true zero-defects approach, there are no unimportant items"

Philip Crosby / Quality guru
Who we are

Experience and tradition along with research of technological innovations

Attention to every single detail is the cornerstone on which founder Giuseppe Cassani, supported by his brother Umberto, started to build up his business in the elevator sector in 1961. His children, who since the 80’s' have been by their father's side to learn the skills which later made them the company’s top leaders, have embraced the founder's teachings and have allowed the company to become a landmark in the field, on a national and international level...
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Cassani Ascensori - Sede

Certificate "Quality Management System" UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

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Certified quality since 1994

The effective handling of our business organization, constantly striving for improvements in our efficiency and efficacy, has been evident since 1994 by the active collaboration in the definition of the ISO 9001 certification parameters, defining the finalization of our industrial...
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We are always available to satisfy all of your needs


Cassani Ascensori

Via Del del Tovo 5/2
27020 - Travaco' Siccomario (PV)
Phone: (+39) 0382 482379 - 0382 482817
Green N.: 800 434288
Fax: (+39) 0382 482588
E-mail: info@cassaniascensori.it


Cassani Ascensori Romania

Bdul. C.A. Rosseti 55 - Iasi
Tel / Fax: (+40) 332 806 096
Mobile (Dott.ssa Marcu): (+40) 736 040 190

Cassani Ascensori Bucarest

Bdul. Ion Ionescu de la Brad 81-85 E, Sectorul 1 - Bucuresti
Mobile (Dott Marius Avram): (+40) 723 567786
Mobile (Dott Ilario Piscioneri): (+39) 349 1976797


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